Joseph Bottari’s DOPE Color Theory

Joseph Bottari is the latest artist to join the Gitana Rosa community. You can now find him and his work on Joseph was born in Newark, NJ and now lives in works in New Hope, PA. We recently asked him a few questions to find out more about what’s behind his appealing hard-edge text paintings.

GR: Your work is very precise and clear. What mediums do you use and how did you choose them?

JB: Good question. My art making process undeniably reflects my trade which is/was based on precise work which led me towards Hard-edge Abstraction & Colour Field. The study of Hermeticism has become the foundation of my practice and is deeply rooted in all my work. I am also sure that my LSD experience at the age of fourteen has something to do with the path that I’ve chosen.

I work in oil and acrylic, and I think it’s safe to say that my preferred medium chose me.

GR: How did you reach the turning point when you committed fully to your work as an artist? How did you start pursuing art professionally?

JB: I fully committed myself to the arts after an on the job injury from a severed ACL in my knee which resulted in me having to undergo surgery back in 2008. I was an aeronautical welder and fabricator by trade and licensed as a draftsmen and Master Welder. After the injury I was put on one year paid leave to heal. During that time I turned back to what I knew which was art, and I never looked back.

GR: That’s a very dramatic way to make a career change, but having that time to revisit your artistic work made it worthwhile. Can you tell us about your current work, and what we’re featuring on

JB: My current body of work is from the DOPE series, as well as my Pyramid Portal series, which is Hermeticism 101%. I’m excited to be relaunching my DOPE series with the assistance of a kick-ass gallerist who sees the potential in this work, and who believes in me… the wonderful Vanessa Liberati of Gitana Rosa Gallery. Great things are on the horizon 😉

GR: Thank you, great things are definitely on the horizon. We’re excited to see where we can take the DOPE series next. The word “dope” has far-reaching meanings and connotations. Do society, current events, or the nature of the art market influence what or how you create?

JB: Those factors do have some influence on my work, but my environment and those who I am close to influence me the most.

GR: What directions could we see for you and your work in the future?

JB: I look forward to the day when I’ll have my own studio, along with a welding machine so I can venture into sculpture.

GR: That sounds really exciting. Thank you, Joseph.

Click here to see more images of Joseph’s Dope series.

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