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In the ‘80’s, Andrés García-Peña began his career in New York City engaging with the vibrant art scene that surrounded him. He was a muralist and a prominent figure in the East Village, and though temporarily relocated to Barcelona, has always kept a studio in Brooklyn.  García-Peña’s paintings are vessels exemplifying his love of life and appreciation for the corporeal desires that lend power and shape to many moments. Accentuating both time and place, Garceia-Peña’s paintings allow the vernacular of the urban world to exist alongside that of untouched land. His paintings are often categorized as “epics,” which mimic the “cultural schizophrenia” (Carlo McCormic, Senor Editor of Paper Magazine) characteristic of our assimilation and hence, his fantastical compositions have a symbolic realism facilitated by each work’s hallucinogenic quality elevating notions of social and cultural transgressions. García-Peña is famously known as the “Central Park Gondolier” and, with art exhibited internationally, also boasts extensive work in public art. His solo shows have been featured in Colombia, Holland, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and the United States and he has completed commissions for the Children’s Aid Society in New York.

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