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Lisa Petker-Mintz graduated from the Parsons School of Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting. Each of her pieces describes an aspect of her autobiography and though the subjects are singular, the themes, which emerge are universal touching upon children, death, divorce, love and marriage. Because the paintings individually and collectively convey deeply personal experiences, the process through which Petker-Mintz creates each picture is equally personal. She attempts to make beautiful, cohesive and entertaining paintings using written and visual research on various artists to reinforce the common nature of her artistic journey. In painting, she preserves her own naïve view, which, through society’s chaos, can easily be tainted. Hence, despite the turmoil experienced in her various roles as a wife, mother, fitness fanatic and artist, Petker-Mintz uses a steady process of multitasking among images and materials to produce literal manifestations of her inner calm. Lisa currently lives and works in New York.

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