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Investigating the usage of Flânerie with multiple exposure interventions on analogue film photography.  Interested in exploring poetic interfaces between Human Vision and Machine Vision through compositions engaging emotional memories. Pioneering Heuristic methods inspired by insights in Assembly Theory. This interest is about framing bridges between our Human Vision—which is constructed over time and connected to emotional memories, esperiences, and scene understanding— together with Machine Vision which is also constructed over time with materials and connected to our built world environments involving complex problem solving processes that impact us, can extend our perceptions, impress new understandings and task iterations. My works engage viewers through poetic encounters to share and reveal a Possibility Space with dynamic processes which surround us during our current so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution.

I am pioneering a unique multiple exposure technique on analogue photography, where emotional compositions emerge as I develop my films. Together with my technician, Dominique Ventzke and a materials scientist from the Technical University of Berlin I have also pioneered unique silver mirror plates in Berlin. These plates change colours during active viewing.

Awarded Le Prix académique Industries et Cultures Art Faber in 2018 from the Panthéon-Assas Sorbonne Universités for my depictions of industrial processes. Art Faber, a movement is inspired by Henri Bergson’s Homo Faber, aims to reach wider audiences through publications and exhibitions in collaboration with this Paris working group.

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