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Nicholé Velásquez

Nicholé Velásquez is an artist born and raised in New York. Following a fragmented life post 9/11, nicholé took his learning of anthropological approaches (studying under Edward Saïd’s pupil, Majid Hannoum in Bard College at Simon’s Rock) and began to establish a community of family-like relations across Northern Europe, which he frequently and regularly traveled within since 2007. Identity Politics features prominently in the creation of his work. In 2009, the Gitana Rosa Gallery enthusiastically presented Nicholé to Art Basel Miami, where Paul Wilmot Communications supported his travels, introducing him to MS The World. Sailing became prominent for nicholé, culminating in portraiture works inspired by Fassbinder’s Querelle during his tenure as the artist in resident for the city of Copenhagen at Fabrikken in 2013.

Velásquez works with analog film, investigating emotional memories using multiple exposure technique to disrupt the function and role of the descriptive qualities of form and color in photography. He worked together with material scientists at the technical university of Berlin to create silver plates, using mirrors as intermediaries to human color experience. These unique (1/1) vintage works are available through the Gitana Rosa gallery.

Nicholé’s investigations have brought him to focus upon machine vision, and human vision. For his industrial soul landscapes, he was awarded la prix industries et cultures / art faber in 2018 by the Pantheon, Sorbonne Assas.

Forest Fresh


Featured Work

Artist Experience



High School for Environmental Studies, New York, NY


First contact to black/white documentary photography with Prof. Curtis Willocks, New York, NY

Solo Exhibitions


“A Private View”, Garbergs, Stockholm, Sweden


“Buildings a Home”, Art Concept, Stockholm, Sweeden

Group Exhibitions


“Back to the Roots to Find the Future”,
Kunstverein Montez, Frankfurt, Germany
Kunstverein Montez, Leipzig, Germany

“Montefiore Permanent Photo Exhibit”,
Montefiore Hospital, Bronx, New York

Preview Berlin Art Fair, Berlin, Germany


“Fragile Heros”, Kunstverein Montez, Frankfurt, Germany


“Art Basel Miami”, The Gitana Rosa Gallery of New York, Miami, FL


“Vantage Point 16 ICP”, Point Gallery, New York, NY


“Vantage Point 14 ICP”, Point Gallery, New York, NY


“The City, Curated by Annie Leibovitz”
Peninsula Hotel, New York, NY

“Vantage Point 13 ICP”, Point Gallery, New York, NY

Awards, Colloquiums and Residencies


John Utzon’s Can Lis Residence,
“Committee of Danish Architects at the Danish Art Foundation/John Utzon Foundation”, Mallorca, Spain

Colloqoquium, Dusseldork Kunst Akademie (lecture for masterclass of Christpher Williams)


Artist-in-Resident, “City of Copenhagen”,
Copenhagen, Denmark
Colloquium, Fabrikken for Kunst of Design


Artist-in-Resident, “Chrstiania Research in Residence”, Christiania, Denmark


International Center for Photography (ICP)
Fellowship, Scholarship student of Jocelyne Benzakin (JB), under t he supervision of Joseph Rodriguez



Musee Magazine NO. 2, “The Fear Issue”, March


Rouan, Benjamin, “Queer Vulture”, TTTMagazine, October

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