Introducing Gitana Rosa Gallery’s Art Advisory Service

Introducing Gitana Rosa Gallery’s Art Advisory Service, led by Vanessa Liberati and European Art Market Advisor and curator Nichole Velasquez. With a global reach and a passion for exceptional artworks, our team provides personalized guidance to collectors, institutions, and corporations worldwide.

Vanessa Liberati, a gallerist based in NY since 2006, now located in Miami, focuses on the North American market while working with international artists and selling to collectors globally. Collaborating closely with clients, Vanessa identifies exceptional artworks that align with their preferences and curatorial vision. She emphasizes sustainability and seeks artists who share social and environmental values.


Nichole Velasquez, our European Art Market Advisor and curator, brings extensive experience and knowledge of the international art scene. Based in Berlin, he evaluates artists with high growth potential and future market value. Velasquez’s network and insights into emerging trends and investment opportunities provide valuable guidance.

Together, we offer a comprehensive art advisory service. We assist with building private collections, curating exhibitions, and procuring artworks for public spaces. With international reach, we place art in collections worldwide, while our presence in Venice and Berlin facilitates cross-cultural collaborations.

Trust Gitana Rosa Gallery’s Art Advisory Service to unlock the potential of your collection. Our team, led by Vanessa Liberati, combines a discerning eye for talent, market intelligence, and a passion for transformative art experiences.

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